Holly-ann Martin is the founder and Managing Director of Safe4Kids. Her experience spans twenty-five years with the Western Australian Department of Education and Training (DET), in a variety of school settings. Holly-ann’s unique approach to child protection education is underpinned by a whole community focus. This focus is centred around providing safer communities for children through engaging school staff, parents and carers, local police, health workers, Department of Child Protection staff and early years childcare and education workers. Holly-ann’s emphasis centres on developing a language and culture of safety for children and adults alike, improving communication and highlighting and broadening the networks available to children when they are feeling unsafe. The sustained delivery of these programmes is the key to creating a positive influence on both individual and community behaviour.

Holly-ann has delivered child protection education in Western Australian metropolitan and country schools and childcare centres. Holly-ann has travelled extensively in the remote indigenous communities of northern WA, Queensland and the Northern Territory, including Kalumburu, Halls Creek and Broome. Holly-ann was a member of Operation Slatter, a WA Police operation established to gather intelligence on child sexual abuse in remote communities in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Holly-ann was invited to present her ideas to protective behaviour practitioners in the United Kingdom, and in January 2009 began her quest to help children all over the world to feel safe. One of the outcomes of this quest was that not only has Holly-ann provided Child Protection lessons for children in Australia but also for children in Cambodia.

The Protective Behaviours Programme was developed by Peg Flandreau West in the 1970s and has been used internationally as a basis for child protection curricula. Holly-ann embraces the conventional themes and core concepts of Protective Behaviours. However, due to  her vast experience gained in an extensive variety of school settings and in teaching a wide range of children, Holly-ann has enhanced these programmes through the inclusion of complementary components such as Public and Private as a whole concept, Saying "No”, The Three Safety Questions and Secrets and Secret Enablers.