Holly-ann's unique approach to Abuse Prevention Education has been developed over many years, and is underpinned by her whole community focus, which involves engaging schools via staff and students, parents and carers, local police, Department for Child Protection staff, community health officers, childcare practitioners and members of other community groups in the process of creating safer communities. In short, anyone who has anything to do with children will benefit from the simple yet powerful techniques developed by Holly-ann, who as a child care facilitator felt impelled to search for answers to the problem of child abuse and child neglect.

Emphasis is placed on developing a language and culture of safety for children and adults alike, improving communication between them and broadening the networks available to children when they are feeling unsafe. This involves teaching the basics in easy to understand ways that are encouraging and non threatening. Holly-ann has several modes of getting the message across, with plenty of hands on assistance, printed material, follow-ups when needed, and a hundred percent availability and commitment.

The Abuse Prevention Education promoted by Holly-ann is very much a system that can be left in the hands of caring professionals, parents, caregivers, basically anyone who is interested in making children's lives safer. It relies on participation in primary programs which then lead to the systems being adapted and developed to suit needs. It does not contain complex lingo or need expensive props. It is the perfect package of assistance and facilitation.

Application Briefing is a two hour Abuse Prevention Education session for professionals working with children. Although a short 'snap shot' of what is available under the entire program, it contains enough information for professionals to be able to begin making an immediate difference within their own environments. It opens a dialogue about the sorts of things that are needed in a system that cares for children, and gives practical, common sense and revelatory insight into how the existing system needs to change to meet the needs of its youngest members.

Application Workshop is a whole day exploring in depth the Themes, Concepts and Strategies of Abuse Prevention Education. This training also includes areas like Secrets, Secret Enablers, Saying "No", Three Safety Questions and Public and Private focusing on an integrated approach throughout the whole curriculum.  It is a complete program providing tools and resources which can be implemented in any situation, used in any curricula, and for any time frame. It brings an awareness of the terminology necessary to give children a voice that can be heard, leading ultimately to a voice that can save them in perilous situations.

In Class Mentoring provides teachers with a unique opportunity to have Holly-ann model lessons from her ten-week lesson plan. After attending a briefing session teachers are given the opportunity to choose lessons that they would like to see modeled with their students. This gives the teachers experience of the subject matter in all the different types of learning modes; auditory, tactile and visual, all working and ready to be adapted to the needs of their students. 

Parent Workshop is a two hour session packed with practical ideas with the focus on developing a common family language around safety. It is a fun and informal session, with plenty of practical and fun ideas, which also teaches people to tap into the wealth of ideas within their own heads they have no idea exists there. It is very much about encouraging parents to develop in ways they have never previously been expected or challenged to. Feedback from these sessions encourages Holly-ann to continue to spread the word about the necessity of changing the way we care for our children.